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Michigan Quarterly Review

Kali chats with Cameron Finch about twelve years of mass shootings, her connections to the mental healthcare battle, and the re-release of the The Space Between.

Kali talks with Benjamin Drevlow about mass shootings, the psychology of adolescent males, mental health, and the digital re-release and relevance of The Space Between twelve years later.

Contributor Spotlight

Kali talks with Sushmita Pathak about Iowa's struggling mental healthcare system in "Is This the Worst State for the Mentally Ill?"

Kali chats with fellow author and dear friend Donald Quist about writing with defiance, literary influences, The Good Divide, and yes, even Wiz Khalifa.

Kali chats with Corine Gould about her writing process, advice for her MFA students, and The Good Divide.

Kali chats with Emily VanSchmus about her complicated relationship with the Midwest, farm folklores, and The Good Divide.

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Broads and Books

Kali chats with the smart and hilarious podcast hosts Amy Lillard and Erin Johnston of Broads and Books about her favorite childhood book, her oddest author event ever, and her shared obsession with Erin for all things Keith Morrison and Dateline.

Check It Out!

Kali chats with the Carnegie-Stout Public Library podcast Check it Out! about The Monsters We Make.

Kali discusses her writing journey and process in a craft talk with Lindenwood University MFA in Writing students.

Kali talks with author Ben Tanzer about The Good Divide.

Kali talks with Aubrey Cox Warner about The Good Divide.

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